Job title inflation

Usually non-exempt employees are lower-level employees with very limited or no managerial responsibilities and authority. Accumulate valuable networks, which could help a lot in the business.

Part I posited that this practice could be traced to the recent recession and to the advent of flatter organizational structures in a growing number of business entities. FLSA Employee Misclassification and Consequent Government Scrutiny Some legal practitioners are also cautioning against the rampant conferral of bloated job titles, and one reason they cite is the tendency of this practice to misdirect employers into believing that the change of job titles to something that sounds more superior equates to a status change of employees from exempt to non-exempta mistake that have dangerous legal ramifications.

What are the worst or best cases of job title inflation you've seen. Increase true competitive power In the age of job title inflation, where the fancy title doesn't really help in career development, employees need pay attention to what they accomplish in their job, Tang said. Ma's branch has eight people in total: In-house practitioners should be very familiar with the various differences between non-exempt and Job title inflation employees.

Job title inflation

Pae, ACC Introduction It should be recalled from Part I that job title inflation is the result of more and more employees, even those that are in the lower echelons of the corporate hierarchy, who are holding titles that convey seniority.

This would likely happen in scenarios where an organization retains the services of a contractor on a long-term basis, during which period the organization clothes the contractor with a title that traditionally is given to management-level and other employees. Another example is Lindstrom v. When Liu was promoted to the head of the department from a marketing staff member one and a half years ago after Liu had been employed at the company for only six months, Liu was thrilled and very proud.

Job title inflation

However, the fancy titles can backfire sometimes. Others argue that the advent of less hierarchical organizational structures within many companies is the root cause. The consequence is the devaluation of job titlesespecially those starting with "chief," "head," "vice president of," and others that traditionally signaled professional seniority, competence, and a certain amount of prestige within a particular organization.

In most instances under this scenario, the legal risks are just too high that foregoing some of the business benefits might well be worth it.

Inflating titles is not inherently evil so long as exercised in moderation. Not that you need to be a member of the squeezed middle to trump up your job title. According to a Bloomberg report in May this year, from tothe number of Chinese people that received higher education increased around percent.

While Part I focused on employees, this Quick Counsel, Part II of the series, revolves around the legal risks of job title inflation in the context of the relationship between independent contractors and employers that hire them.

Chief Receptionist Officer? Title Inflation Hits the C-Suite

Inflated titles, even if devoid of meaningful insights as to what an employee actually does, "are a very cheap way, almost costless to the firm, to recognize and elicit high commitment from key employees. An employer"s explicit and intentional conferral of misleading and over-inflated job titles might be construed in a legal proceeding as the organization"s way of "holding out" its employee to third parties, which can bind the employer to its employee"s conduct, authorized or otherwise, through apparent authority.

Despite the fact that job title alone is not dispositive in establishing the presence of ostensible agency, it is a factor that bears upon the totality of circumstances and upon the manner by which courts view those circumstances.

And moderation just means that if an organization inflates someone"s job title, it should make sure that the employee at least deserves a bump up to begin with.

But it also appears that while many mid-level, supposedly "routine" job titles, such as process operators in industrial plants, have indeed disappeared, the actual work does still exist — abeit with more fluffed-up titles. The IT sector, which witnessed rampant development in recent years, also created some strange titles.

Let me be clear, I wish nothing but career success to this former colleague. And job title, even if not dispositive in finding apparent authority, is a factor that might weigh in favor of or against the employer"s contention that no authority exists.

An organization should not confer the titles beginning with "Chief" or "Director" or "Leader" or "Head" or "VP" to just about any average employee or contractor as a pat on the back. Job titles are defined as socially reinforced symbols that are based on cooperation.

Further, job title inflation (JTI) is defined as a deliberate violation of cooperative principle maxims that is intended to extract gains for an organization.

Poo-bah (right), in the comic opera The Mikado, holds many grand titles including First Lord of the Treasury, Master of the Buckhounds, Groom of the Backstairs and Lord High Everything Else.

Job title inflation is the increasing number and size of grandiose job titles in corporations and organisations. May 14,  · The reason for a title being given to someone varies by company, but in my experience the title rarely has anything to do with the actual pay or job duties.

That's why every role also has "and other duties as required" tacked onto the end. But one lawyer warns of the legal risks of job title inflation. He is John K. Skousen, partner in the Irvine, California, office of employment law firm Fisher & Phillips.

He is John K. Skousen, partner in the Irvine, California, office of employment law firm Fisher & Phillips. The era of title inflation is upon us Published on July 13, July 13, • 20 Likes • 8 Comments.

Edward Kiledjian Follow The age of job title inflation. The rise of the meaningless job title It would be a mistake to see job title inflation as being all about career opportunism; as much as anything the trend is about employers finding ways to.

Job title inflation
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The Legal Pitfalls of Job Title Inflation (Part II)