Attrition rate in it industry essay

A number of companies such as Deutsche, JP Morgan and Citibank face and need to solve the increasing turnover of its employees. More than 80, workforce change jobs every year.

Employee Attrition

It ends with the discussion on the challenges the Indian IT industry faces in the future in view of the growing need to retain its talent pool. On the other hand, minimizing the turnover rate would also help the employees build their career.

Top government officials are alarmed that an emerging industry that has generated around 2 billion US dollars in annual revenues is reeling from a worsening turnover crisis.

Why do these employees leave their jobs as call center agents.

High Attrition Rate at Call Center Industry: an Hr Manager’s View

Lyric essay ucla extension berwick louisiana Lyric essay ucla extension berwick louisiana physical and inner beauty essay. Sustainability of these companies to continue providing quality service could be at stake as perceived by the investors or the regional offices abroad.

In order to curb this, IT industry has taken a number of initiatives like improving the work-life balance of their employees, encouraging learning and development, developing a positive organization culture, etc. Thus, there is an opportunity cost of losing an employee.

Analysis of Attrition in It Industry

But what is attrition. The cost of lost knowledge, skills and contacts that the person who is leaving is taking with them are something that affects the company in the long run.

This difference in orientation calls for a closer look at factors influencing attrition and how it can be managed in the off shoring context.

Attrition Rate in the Call Center Industry

Otherwise, this will affect the operations of the firm and will also incur several costs to the company. The focus of the extant research has been on explaining the turnover intentions of IT professionals with a variety of factors playing a significant role.

Attrition Rate in the Call Center Industry

The employment scene has changed its appearance. This research will determine the factors causing the high attrition in these companies. What are the factors affecting the high attrition rate in shared services organization SSO.

Those replacements will have to be found, assessed and trained. Once the new employee is hired, she cannot be expected to be as productive as her predecessor since she has not yet learnt the nuances of the job, nor is she informed about the offshore client specific relationships.

Given the significance of this research to both employees and management, this study would also eventually help the shared services industry as a result.

The cost of lost knowledge, skills and contacts that the person who is leaving is taking with them are something that affects the company in the long run. How to Write a Summary of an Article. This research is going to be conducted by taking interview; Interview is the appropriate method for collecting of data and giving a questionnaire to the Human Resource managers with full knowledge in the call center industry chosen by the researchers, to find out their view on the high turnover rate and benefits given to their employees.

Multinational companies outsource parts of their operations in other countries to minimize costs and focus on their competencies. Our study will focus on how a call center industry uses its turnover rate in making decisions to improve their benefits program rates in call center industries.

Attrition Rate another major problem of the workforce. Thus, the maximum age of working people would only be 60 years old. Moreover, the following are the underlying issues: Human resources manager in call center industries plays a vital role in valuing employees to reduce high turnover rate and improve their company retention capability.

Given the threat of attrition in the BPO industry of India, this would likely be a similar challenge other offshore service destinations. The employer hence faces the heat of continuous employee turnover. Staff attrition or turnover and absenteeism represent significant costs to most organizations.

As HR students, the researchers would like to spearhead this study in order to analyze and make realistic solutions that could help the call center industries on this growing phenomenon. How to Write a Summary of an Article.

The cost of doing business, it is surely something that all organizations should address, and equally surely it is an area in which HR can take a lead — measure attrition, seek its causes, set out solutions and target performance.

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Usually companies prefer a low attrition rate, but the rates differ based on the industry. For example, a fast food restaurant will have a higher employee turnover compared to a law firm. A lower employee turnover rate allows a company to.

RESEARCH PAPER ON THE ATTRITION RATE IN FINANCIAL SHARED SERVICES ORGANIZATION Submitted To: Prof. Maria Cequena Submitted By: Rachel Reyes Title: Attrition Rate in Financial Shared Services Organization 1.

What are the factors affecting the high attrition rate in shared services organization (SSO)? 2. According to human resource experts, the average attrition rate is projected to grow at 31 per cent in Indian firms in the April-June quarter, a rise of per cent from the preceding quarter (January-March).

Essay about Chapter 1 Attrition Rate in the Call Center Industry talent. Attrition has been an evident problem for every organization due to either lack of appreciation or lack of proper job sculpting. Essay, Case Study, Textbook Solution. cause the rise in attrition rate of shared services industry.

Factors determined such as. management/superior, compensation and benefits, career and personal growth are some. common causes of attrition rate in a certain organization.

These aspects shall be. The study of the attrition rate of various IT companies was undertaken. The employees ofInfosys, Wipro, Geometrics Software, Digital Technologies, and Syntel took part in the test. The results were tabulated and a number of findings were made.

Attrition rate in it industry essay
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